women’s supersensory powers, continued

The main point in the previous post was to say that if we look at the truth on biology from a radical feminist perspective, it doesn’t just lead to conclusions on male nature but also inevitably to certain conclusions on female nature, which is we are doted with higher cognitive and sensory capacities than men, due in part to their cerebral asymmetry and smaller corpus callosum. Looking at female brain attributes is completely different from saying “gender is hardwired” since we know that women are not naturally subordinate to men and we are not explaining any form of female behaviour here but cognitive and sensory potential. What it means is that compared to men, women simply seem to have a fully functioning brain (or far better functioning than men at least). This fits to the fact that women are genetically the default human, and men a maled mutation from women. The mutation process clearly generates a deteriorated version of the original – the question is whether this mutation is accidental or actually serves the purpose of maximising the reproduction of male species by turning their brains and bodies into potential rape-machines, which is certainly the effect of male attributes on the brain and body.

When comparing male and female cognitive / sensory powers, I find the example of male shamans very interesting. In most – if not all – current traditional societies where shamanism is still practised, males monopolise this function and pass it only to their son or the next generation male. Typically, all male shamans across the world have to resort to drugs in order to “see” and thus perform their “healing” function as shaman (imitate female healing powers). These drugs may be anything from tobacco, hallucinogenic mushrooms or other products, alcohol or also putting themselves in extreme and painful physical conditions in the aim of achieving a “second” state.

What is interesting is to see that the drug-taking is primarily a male practice. Female seers, by contrast, do not traditionally need or take such drugs. I’m certain that men need these external drugs to access parts of their brain that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access, because of their cerebral deficiency. Besides drugs always have a physical cost, they aren’t without negative consequences to the body and brain, and men often have almost as little regard to their own bodies as they have for the external world. I have always deeply distrusted drugs, saw it as a tool of control and dislike the way it shifts your consciousness in an artificial and coercive way, that makes it unsafe and unpredictable. I don’t see the need for an external product when we can simply learn to connect ourselves naturally, which is a far healthier way of doing it because it’s something that comes from you, in your own time.

If we take a look at Ayahuasca, which is a very hallucinogenic beverage male shamans from the Amazon drink; as far as I can remember, in order for ayahuasca to have its desired effects, the bark of the tree or plant has to be brewed and stripped in a very specific and precise way with other ingredients, it takes a number of hours to prepare and without this preparation the ayahuasca will not have its hallucinogenic effect. I learnt this some time ago in a detailed documentary on its fabrication, and the commenter (a British white male) was flabbergasted at the precision of the recipe, and wondered how they’d find about it amongst the million other plants and ways of preparing them for medication. It’s not something you can improvise at all and there’s no way they would have come across it just by stumbling into the plant and randomly tasting its different parts to see what it does, it would probably be indigestible. He asked some of the people there and they replied that the plants told them, something in this vein. The commenter didn’t take it seriously of course.

But here’s the thing, if men aren’t as endowed with seeing as women are and aren’t naturally connected to the elements it seems very unlikely to me that men themselves discovered the powers of that specific plant and how exactly to prepare it in the first place. To do that without the aid of ayahuasca you would have to be already connected to plants or that plant in particular would have to tell you herself, or other spirits or beings around you. And to do that you would have to be a woman, I’m sure.

In my opinion, here’s the background or truth of the story: either men coerced or tricked women into giving them the recipe for the potion, or women felt so sorry for men’s pitiable, unconnected state that they gave men this potion in the hope that would understand what it feels like to be connected. Although it’s more likely that men manipulated and implored women to give them such a thing, and once they got hold over it, they eliminated the female shamans and oracles and put themselves in stead, using this potion to give the illusion of female powers and acquire legitimacy. In other words, the same genocidal process as everywhere, where men slaughtered the priestesses, witches, oracles, seers, herbalists and other gifted women and replaced them with fraudulent male professionals.

The interesting thing is that they managed to get hold of these potions, remedies and shamanic functions everywhere in the world, in Africa, America, Asia and Europe, which suggests that wherever men started doing it, they reached a critical number and it spread to all other human males on the globe. That is, if we follow the holographic principle – for nothing else explains the universality and synchronism of patriarchal progression across the world.

I know as a matter of fact that some women do have the capacity to communicate with plants and trees and living beings in different ways, they ask the plant what kind of healing powers she has and the plant may reply, if she wants to.


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  1. 1 LKalï December 11, 2013 at 2:18 pm

    This reminds me of the theories posited in “Blood, Bread, & Roses” by Judy Grahn. Have you read it yet? It’s basically a study on how menstrual entrainment created human beings’ awareness of the world, of course implying that women had this awareness first and brought men in secondarily by men imitating the menstrual rights we used to develop ourselves into this consciousness. So everything you said makes since in following the likely original evolution. Women are source of all, men are something we incorporated because of their proximity and perhaps even because they played a beneficial part early on in hunting and gathering societies, and now, they simply don’t…thus we continue the evolution in recognition that they are only caricatures of us and all tools of this earth (organic “or” developed by us) are sourced and thusly aligned with our common source and her awakening expressions, so we can continue to reclaim and support the reality that further affirms the genius of our integral being irrespective of the experience of those with less capacity, no longer clinging to any of the “drugs” they use to facade their experience of anything remotely close to our norm, but I’m talking more then just consciousness altering substances, but systems of engage with the earth based in competition, manipulation, and profit at another’s expense. Like living in a nourishing integral bliss is something we innately have the capacity to do, our mind is an integral expression of our whole being initiated by the expression of the source we contain within, and any tool in alignment with the implications of that source (all inclusive wholeness, harmonious interrelation towards the nourishment of the whole) is affirmed as ours and anything not is affirmed as a drug, a fabrication of xx being, simply not ours and unworthy of our energy and thus continued manifestation. Thanks for the affirmation in all this❤️

  2. 2 witchwind December 11, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    Interesting with the menstruation, haven’t read Judy Grahn but that’s a classic one with menstruation. Yes it certainly is women who had the awareness first and brought it to men. Though to say that consciousness of the world came through menstruation, I think that’s still some kind of male fetishism of menstruation. I’m pretty sure women didn’t fetishize their own menstruation that way, just like menstruation never was a ritual or an act to perform that’s separate from us, it just is and happens and aligns itself naturally to other women and the moon or whatever forces.

    Also, this thing with hunting and gathering, it’s very unlikely that women sat around in the cave while men did the hunting and the gathering and kindly gave the food to women. At the very, very best maybe they helped around a bit but given how parasitic they are I don’t think that happened either, it’s far more likely that the males lived off females’ work. Most female animals do the hunting for themselves, their pack and offspring. Also, arrows and tools have always been found buried with women’s bodies (see, the correct use of “woman’s body” is when talking of a DEAD WOMAN, not a live woman. Otherwise it’s a woman full stop, she’s not separated from her body. DUH). That hunter man thing is just a myth and a reversal.

  3. 3 nereidafilomena December 11, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    It breaks my heart that men have always found a way into feeding off us, to steal from us and feed their abysmal existence. They do not understand what life is because to their very genes they are decay, they are dicks, they are death. Here’s to a sincere hope they will die off before they destroy the whole planet and all Her living beings. I can see them trying their very best to take us down with them.

  4. 4 witchwind December 11, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    I tried to make this post not so much about men though, I find it very happy. it’s about women’s potential and what it means to have a fully functioning brain fully connected to our body, as opposed to men. And how we can use this knowledge to understand and make sense of men’s reversals – without knowing this we wouldn’t be able to understand why and how men need to resort to external substances in order to imitate the experience of what we can naturally feel. And you can apply this to any field really. And these thoughts lead to what we were capable of doing and what many of us are still capable of doing today despite millennia of genocide. all the possibilities it leads to is exhilerating

  5. 5 skulldrix December 12, 2013 at 2:45 am

    Men won’t die off before the world ends.When they die off you bet that everyone ( human and non-humans) will be burnt gravel under their feet. That’s why women have to fight men on every ground possible before it’s too late. Otherwise, what’s the point of existing in a world where you are tortured by them constantly?

    I recently got over major stockholm syndrome towards a male abuser, and post traumatic stress from PIV. I think your posts really helped me get over that.I was traumatized for months and still might be a little.I’ve gone on a process to purge myself of heterosexual thoughts and urges and it’s been successful in helping me reclaim my body and sexuality. I just feel more fullfilled.
    Too much of modern day radical feminism is pro-piv, and inclusive of transwomen. But your’s definitely stands against the bullshit.

  6. 6 nereidafilomena December 12, 2013 at 5:05 am

    This post did give me some hope actually. I have never really allowed myself to consider women’s potential as in depth as I should but I will allow myself to do that now.

  7. 7 witchwind December 12, 2013 at 8:12 am

    we do have a fundamental right to kill our torturers, rapists and abusers – especially given that they never stop finding new victims as long as they’re alive, we’re certainly doing other women a service too, on top of saving our own lives. The only way it could work without risking severe male retaliation is for all women to do it at the same time, literally at the same time, so that the remaining males wouldn’t be sufficient in number and wouldn’t have enough time to organise repression harshly enough to terrorise women back into domestication. Although it would make it easier if they could all just vanish into smoke the minute all women would have managed to get away from men. To me fighting back would only be worth it in a concerted move to make our oppressors disappear, not fight back in male terms because we can’t win on their “fighting” terms and it would simply put us back in danger again and expose us to more male violence – which is what resistance is.

  8. 8 witchwind December 12, 2013 at 8:22 am

    Oh that’s so great you managed to free yourself from an abuser. Heterosexual “thoughts and urges” are nothing but visual flashbacks of rapes that we have eroticised and dissociated from. It does take time for it to wear off, the dissociation/arousal part of it, and to be able to experience and see it fully as violence and disgusting and not this alienating urge and arousal. They decrease over time, in my experience it’s been slow but steady.

    The thing is we’ve been groomed to experience men’s presence as potential fucks instead of as rape threats. In fact the two are one and the same, but in the first case we dissociate through urges and aren’t consciously aware of the threat, and in the second case, we are aware of the external threat and feel fear. So what helps me whenever I am invaded by such thoughts again in front of a man is to tell myself he’s a rape threat, that all men are a rape threat – which is precisely why I’m reacting that way, and he’s even more of a threat to me if I have that reaction, because it means I’m going to seek the danger instead of protect myself from it, as a reversed and twisted form of self-protection and survival – dissociation (thanks again to Rididill for the men as rape threat vs. potential fuck thing). And once I tell myself that then the urge disappears. And the best thing is to avoid men in any possible way, get rid of all male friends, etc. My ex male friends just peeled off me naturally really, I couldn’t stand being around them any more, no communication was possible, they never got what I said and I had to keep telling them off for some shit they said. And they always ended up being worse than I thought. It’s pointless.

  9. 9 nereidafilomena December 14, 2013 at 5:55 am

    I can see the doom and gloom approach to the future of life on this planet but women have overcome so much and survived through things men would not be able to bear because they are weak. I think women will survive and doodants will die out.

  10. 10 nereidafilomena December 14, 2013 at 10:08 am

    Do you believe in an afterlife?

  11. 11 nereidafilomena December 14, 2013 at 10:16 am

    I think fear of death and non existence hurts women more than it does men. Men want to non existence because their whole lives they were living decay. They know they are despicable and not worthy of the form of existence they take up.

  12. 12 witchwind December 14, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    I’m confused as to why you’re asking this question here, I do expect commenters to stay on the topic of the thread / post and add something to that specific discussion

  13. 13 witchwind December 14, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    Also I’m afraid I didn’t understand what point you wanted to make in your final comment.

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