Endnote: An Interview with Men’s Search Terms (MST)

I’m reblogging the interview with the blogger from Men’s Search Terms here so it can be discussed, as comments are closed on MST.

Men's search terms

WW:So, how did you come to think of this project?

MST: It was in the course of the discussions we have been having recently online about men’s natures, their propensity to be creative torturers and death-dealers. The search terms were used as merely one example of men’s depravity and specifically how creative they can be with their subject matter, things women would probably never even be able to imagine because we are not creative when it comes to violence and this is true historically across time and place. When women are violent it is out of necessity, but with men it’s like an art form.

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  1. 1 FCM July 27, 2013 at 11:37 am

    thanks for hosting this discussion ww, if any is forthcoming. 🙂 its already been discussed at length in other places but just in case someone has more to say…

    for example, i thought it was interesting, and interesting timing (coincidence) that the UK online porn controversy is happening now and that they are talking about search terms and how abhorrent they are and that they should be blacklisted! haha! of course they arent saying “mens search terms” but everyone knows this is what is being talked about, this isnt women doing this. also, if any women and anti-porn women are supporting this legislation, specifically the search-term blacklisting stuff, i think theres plenty of evidence from this project and similar work that due to mens creativity and the sheer number (infinity) of unique search terms, blacklisting them will be impossible. and therefore that its a fucking idiotic waste of time. in case the PM is reading here though, i would suggest blacklisting “necrophilia” and “rape porn” as these were used most frequently. but they are never going to catch all the variations on this with any filter are they? due to mens creativity and aptitude in the area of creative torture, which indicate innateness BTW, its folly to even try, and so we have to wonder what they are really trying to accomplish here.

    heres a link to the UK online porn controversy including the concerns about search terms:


    and here are links to the previous discussions about this project:


  2. 2 witchwind July 27, 2013 at 4:51 pm

    I remember when I first discovered the term ‘necrophilia’ on the internet, a few years back. I had being looking for a word that described men’s obsession with destruction, rape, torture and death, and that described the global state of death that men generated. That is, whatever they do, is a process of transforming life into death whether through rape or other lethal forms of penetration / violation of life. Rape and death are interchangeable to them and visibly causes the same kind of sexual arousal in them. Rape is a form of genocide, it kills women physically and also psychically. Men are fascinated by everything dead / plastic / soulless in general. Men surround themselves with dead objects, dead concrete, dead fabric, dead plastic that they manipulate. Anyway, I couldn’t find a single, concise word that would describe it all. then I read this necrophilia word from Mary daly and it just fit perfectly. I was so happy to find out about it.

  3. 3 Sargasso Sea July 27, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    As to what they (UK PM and company) are trying to accomplish, my initial reaction when I first read about it was that 1) it *sounds good* and 2) that internet/software companies stand to make a great deal of money off of a bunch of mandatory product that will not do anything to free women and 3) they get to whine about the supposed hardships/costs of it all. Win, win, win.

    It’s pure political bullshit, IOW.

  4. 4 witchwind July 28, 2013 at 10:41 pm

    Well, the major problem for them is generally CHILDREN accessing the “hardcore” porn. Not porn in itself, not the abuse of women and girls in porn. I think what conservative men don’t like is that too much evidence of men’s depravity is out there in the open. They want prostitution and pornography to be hidden, obscene (off-scene, out of sight).

  5. 5 FCM July 29, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    true that the stated intention of this porn-filter stuff is “what about the babiez!!!!!” and more specifically what about the poor average boys who are going to feel inadequate to properly abuse women with their relatively — by porn standards — short and thin penises? lets completely ignore that any penis can knock you up, and all men (and male sexuality) are therefore abusive to women, and that porn (and snuff) is just the logical endpoint of that. and no, even getting rid of porn completely would not “free” women, nor would criminalizing it which they are not even trying to do. this is such an obvious punt, its ridiculous.

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