Spot the man behind the man!

Men are experts at inventing personas. Their entire careers as life-destructors are always accompanied by hardly disguised attempts at hiding the fact that all they want and can do is to rape and kill, or torture women. But as it’s not possible for them to be something else than what they are, or let alone imagine what it’s  like not to be a man (= to be a woman), it always betrays who they are, anyway.

Their attempts at hiding their vile nature are really grotesque and laughable when you think of it. They try very hard to convince us most of them are good, spiritual, just, holy, “feminine”, altruistic, world-savers, heroes (and the list goes on forever), and that it’s just some marginal men over there / some aliens over there / some robots over there / some crazy psycopaths over there / some nazis over there / the [capitalist, racist, classist, whatever] SYSTEM over there (etc etc yawn ad nauseum) that are doing the raping, killing and torturing. Note that they recognise and show the existence of men’s violence, but their super deception plan is to say that it’s N0T ALL MEN!!!! !!!!

The clues are in the “other, out there” men who they pretend to protect us from (with wars, laws, cops, priests or whatever): those they want us to think of as outliers, abnormal evils: those are exactly whthey are.

I like playing spot the man! Let’s have a bit of fun.


hyper masculine man

A man

man in dress

A man pretending not to be a man

Truth: All men are men.



A man criminal (thief, rapist, whatever)


Men pretending not to be criminals (rapist, thief, whatever)

Truth: All men are criminals (rapists, impregnators, thieves, other)


unjust man

Unjust man


Men pretending to be just, or pretending to protect victims

Truth: No man has any sense of justice, ethics or morality whatsoever. Everything men do is unjust and at the expense of women, girls, animals and the earth. Men invented the laws to protect their crimes.



A disgusting, evil cannibal / the devil


A disgusting, evil cannibal / the devil


Men pretending to be spiritual and holy

Truth: Men have no understanding of what spirituality is. They function only through control and sadism. The devil is the true face of men.



Man dictator


Men pretending to be democratic

Truth: All male systems are totalitarian regimes, and all men individually and collectively exercice totalitarian control over women and girls.


Evil men / aliens / zombies who want to destroy, colonise and invade the earth

lord of the ring bad guys   Star wars bad guys    gollum  lord of the ring orc army  alien  images  avatar bad guy

Good guys who want to save the earth against the evil invaders

star wars nice guys   Lord of the ring nice guys   spiderman  x-men  avatar nice guy

Lie: Some men are truly committed to peace in the world and will risk everything to save  and protect the earth / protect women and children against evil invaders who want to destroy the world.

Truth: all men are the evil, alien, living-dead, zombie, robotic, automated, formatted invaders and colonisers who want to and do destroy all life on earth. The truth is that WE need to get ALL MEN out as soon as possible if we want to save the earth.




tche guevara

Men pretending to fight against capitalism


Men pretending to fight against capitalism

Truth: All men capitalise on women’s slave labour, forced impregnation, women’s captivity to them and the use and exchange of women as goods for PIV / rape: this is the basis of capitalism. Capitalism is not a system separate from men. Men made it and all men are part of it, it for them, as men. It IS the male system.



State repression

manif progressiste

Progressive men fighting against repression

Truth: All men are cops and oppressors to women, and survey women 24/7, in private and in public, in thoughts, mind and body. All men are agents of repression and oppression to us. The truth is that each and every man monopolises the legitimate use of violence and repression, not just the state, military, cops, etc.



Male rights extremist

feminist guy

Man pretending to be feminist

Truth: There is no evidence at all that men can stop being violent against women, raping women, feeding off women’s work, energy and attention. Pro-feminist men prove to be time and again the same violent rapist fucktards as any other men. I do not know of a SINGLE exception.

Well, I could go on and on like this but you got the picture.

Note that whichever side you look at, and despite their great efforts in disguising themselves and deceiving women, they all look just as hideous, disgusting, destructive, invasive, alien, army-like, rapey, and all that. They’re all the same, because they’re men. Really not convincing. When you put them all together side by side like this certainly isn’t a nice picture.

And despite them screaming the truth about themselves in every megaphone they can invent, when we say exactly the same and put it into political context, we’re good to be burned (this point was made here).  That’s because uncovering the truth about men is dangerous for their survival, because if we made the obvious connections of what they are, what they do, we wouldn’t stay around with them and try to raise them and change them and their system. We would run away from them fast and let them kill each other.

Though we, unlike them, have to listen to them saying “we’re evil destructors” and shut it out in order to think “no, not my nigel, not all men, not my son, huspand, male friend”. It’s profoundly humiliating to be forced to believe in the humanity of men against all evidence, to be forced to work our lives off trying to change them, when they keep blurting the evidence of the contrary around all over the place and laughing about it and laughing about the fact we can do nothing about it.

7 Responses to “Spot the man behind the man!”

  1. 1 witchwind May 19, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    another example of man vs. fake man: the destructive guy vs. the guy pretending to be creative.
    The truth is that men can only be creative in the way they torture, rape, invade and kill. So it’s not creativity but inventiveness, or use of brain to further a destructive aim. This is true for all the “art” they do, which is nothing else but various shades of pornography (picturing, describing and promoting the dehumanisation of women and girls) or taking the life, indivuality and autonomy out of whatever they choose for their “object” of “study” or “contemplation (objectification).

  2. 2 FCM May 26, 2013 at 2:31 am

    i like the repetition of “man pretending to be” the opposite. it really makes it clear that they are all the same! 🙂 male cops and judges pretending NOT to be criminals…YEP. exactly, especially if you count crimes and abuses against specifically women as crimes. male communists and socialists pretending to oppose capitalism — brilliant. when they capitalize on womens assets (on women as assets) it doesnt count. building exclusively MALE wealth on womens labor, MALES controlling production and reproduction, MALES enclosing previously public areas taking away womens autonomy and ability to provide for themselves….not capitalism. even though it fits the capitalist model perfectly. okay!

  3. 3 FCM May 26, 2013 at 2:38 am

    and that pic of the MRA. lol no, they arent butthurt creeps at all! all women everywhere WISH these MRAs would MGTOW* already.

    * MGTOW = men going their own way. except for using prostituted women and porn, and benefiting from patriarchal control and abuse of women in every way, including capitalism BTW and every single abuse and reversal you have illustrated in this post as a matter of fact, these men dont want to be around women AT ALL. the poor dears. because women are teh evol, and (allegedly, somehow have managed to thwart the system entirely and successfully and unfairly) use men!

    women using men. its really a real thing! and its the number one problematic!!11!12246

  4. 4 witchwind May 26, 2013 at 8:26 am

    I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, as i usually only think in images and patterns, it makes it much clearer! but even I was surprised with the result, i didn’t expect them to look SO much the same, and all look so disgusting, even the ones pretending NOT to be. When they’re put together, they all loook like a revolting molass. If you needed off-putting from men, it really puts you off!

    For instance the worldsavers vs. aliens, zombies, evil invaders: they look as scary, alien, threatening and half-dead as those they’re pretending to fight against! Packed together, looking like awful bandits, armed up to their to teeth, pretending that killing (and raping) will save the world.. No thanks! And aliens and zombies and robot invaders, how did men come up that? That’s so what they are. Forced impregnation of women is the core and first model of: an alien / enemy body colonising, occupying and thus destroying a living being (a woman) by forcing themselves into her, putting their semen into her to force the conception of an alien being into her. And the identification to robots, because men do this in a automated, robotic way, and doing this makes them half-dead. ALL men’s films are about this, follow this motive / pattern, whether literally or figuratively.

    Also, I wanted to do one with nazis, but forgot. With Nazis being nazis, and other men pretending not to be nazis, or pretending to fight against them. (it goes with the worldsaver trope too). Men loooove to regularly point the nazis as the evillest of the world, and pretend they were and still are brave resistants against the evil, and that they punished the nazis in court and all is fine now, we’ll never do it again. they regularly make films about the evil nazis, just to remind us.
    This is a lie. the reality is that all men participate in and benefit from the genocide of women, and that men’s system is BASED on the continued genocide of women. All other genocides, those that kill a bit too many men for it to be palatable for men, only derive from the genocide of women and girls.

    I read somewhere recently that in all wars, whichever war it is, 80% of victims are “civilians”, that is, women and children.

  5. 5 FCM May 26, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    yes the juxtaposition of the good/bad aliens, robots etc was very enlightening. they are all the same, especially if you consider what they ALL do to women as colonization, which it is. which leads to destruction of the planet via overpopulation and pollution. OUR planet. i heard a funny quip once referencing the popular query “is there intelligent life in outer space?” the line was “is there any intelligent life on THIS planet?” just looking at males, you would think not. if anyone “alien” tried to destroy our planet the way men already happily are, it would be war. it *is* war, now, is the message there.

  6. 6 witchwind May 26, 2013 at 8:40 pm

    This phrase “is there intelligent life outside the planet”, reminds me of a post on Zeph’s ( I can’t remember where it was though. Men are so moronic and disconnected from life (or contemptuous to it) that they think they’re alone on this planet and feel the need to look for life elsewhere. When there are billions of highly intelligent and sophisticated living species on earth, each of whom having a kind of intelligence that reaches far beyond what any man could understand. When you learn from even just a tiny fraction of what species know and do, or are, and function, it is just mindblowing. If they could connect to the stars, to the moon, to the magnificent life around them, they wouldn’t say they are all alone on this planet (this is the gist of what zeph said, or what i remember from it).

    But in fact, i’m sure they are saying the truth about themselves, again: if they say they’re alone, they are all alone. They’re alone in themselves, because they can’t connect for some reason. They’re limited.

  7. 7 farishcunning June 29, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    Yes, thanks for the graphic images. My partner also thinks in images, whereas I just can’t; so seeing these pairs so starkly laid out really drives the point home!

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